NAB Smart Stores

The NAB smart stores opening in NSW and Victoria are technology enabled transnational environments that do not have tellers.

Instead there is an array of intelligent machines that populate the front of the store enabling customers to quickly process their transactions with out the need for queuing. Staff roam the transnational areas to assist in the complex transactions and to get customers comfortable with the new technologies.

There is a help area and information zone supported by casual open meeting areas and closed meeting areas for the more private conversations. The informal standing information areas have NAB technology smart phones, I-pads and laptops for customers to browse the NAB apps and the latest NAB products.

Staff can then take customers to a semi private or more private area to the rear of the store for more private conversations. The staff flexi desks are positioned to the rear of the store but with open views through to the retail area.

The smart store combines pure and practical transaction zones that enable customers to quickly and efficiently conduct their banking needs whilst also creating lingering zones for more relaxed conversations and information gathering.


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After a crazy, late-night run for baby food, Robert Ilijason, a 39-year-old IT specialist, had the bright idea of creating a “smart” convenience store that would be open 24 hours a day, but have no cashiers on duty. In September, he opened Näraffär, an around-the-clock shop in Viken, Sweden, where customers simply swipe their smartphones to unlock the front door. The store’s app gives them access to the building and allows them to scan items for purchase after they register with a credit card.

Näraffär sells a lot of the products that you’d expect to find, such as milk, bread, sugar, canned food, snacks, and diapers. However, it doesn’t sell tobacco or medicine because of the risk of shoplifters. And since it’s against the law to sell alcohol in convenience stores in Sweden, that, too, is one less thing Ilijason has to worry about.

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